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Which Has Better Career Opportunities, AI Or Data Science?

Artificial Intelligence, otherwise called AI, and Data Science, has become the two most significant sought after technologies in the present time. More often than not, people consider it the same thing, however they are not the same thing in reality. Artificial Intelligence is used in the field of Data Science for its operations. Here we will talk about the different concepts of Artificial Intelligence versus Data Science.


There has been significant development in need of data processing to the industries after the explosion of massive data collected by them through different means of the internet like a PC, smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc. The companies are currently relying on data to make any decisions related to nearly everything about the association.


Artificial Intelligence is a field where calculations are used to perform programmed activities. Its models are based on the normal intelligence of people and creatures. Comparative patterns of the past are recognized, and related operations are performed naturally when the patterns are repeated. Large associations are heavily dependent on Artificial Intelligence, including tech monsters like Facebook, Amazon, and Google.


Data science is an interdisciplinary field that requires abilities and concepts used in disciplines like measurements, machine learning, perception, etc. Data science is a genuinely general term for processes and methods that analyze and manipulate data. It enables artificial intelligence to discover meaning and appropriate data from large volumes of data with greater speed and efficiency. Data science makes it possible for us to use data to make key decisions in business, yet in addition increasingly in science, technology, and even legislative issues. To learn more about this space, one can join Data Science Training in Gurgaon.


Scope: Artificial Intelligence is simply limited to the implementation of ML calculations, whereas Data Science involves different underlying operations of data.

Tools: The Tools used in Artificial Intelligence are Mahout, Shogun, Tensor Flow, PyTorch, Kaffe, Scikit-learn and the tools that are used in Data Science are KERAS, SPSS, SAS, Python, R, etc

Applications: Artificial Intelligence applications are used in numerous sectors like the Healthcare business, transport industry, mechanical technology industries, robotization industries, and assembling industries. Then again, Data Science applications are used in the field of Internet Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Marketing Field, Banking, Advertising Field and some more.

Techniques: Artificial Intelligence will use calculations in computers to solve the problem, whereas Data Science will involve a wide range of methods of insights.

Purpose: The main role of Artificial Intelligence is to automate the process and carry self-sufficiency to the model of data. Yet, the essential objective of Data Science is to discover the patterns that are hidden in the data. These both have their own set of purposes and objectives which are different from each other.

Degree of Scientific Processing: Artificial Intelligence will use a very serious level of scientific processing when compared with Data science which uses less scientific processing.


Artificial Intelligence is yet to be explored very a lot, however then again, Data Science has already started to make a big difference in the market. Data Science changes the Data, which can be used for representation and examination.

There are numerous companies based on Artificial Intelligence that offer pure AI job positions like NLP Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and Deep Learning Scientist. Different operations on data are performed utilizing the Data Science calculations implemented in languages like Python and R. Key decisions today are taken based on the Data that is processed by Data scientists. In this way, Data science needs to assume a crucial part in any association.

If you are interested about learning data science to be in the front of speedy technological advancements, you can enroll in Artificial Intelligence training in Gurgaon.


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